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For Retailers

Get Blackstone Shoes on Your Shelves


At Blackstone we know the key to your success is offering trendy, high quality products that give your discerning customers the unique experience they’re looking for when they enter your store. Our award winning brand of shoes and boots are, stylish, urban, fashion-forward footwear made with great attention to detail. Our hand-stitched leather footwear is uniquely constructed to last longer and provide unparalleled comfort, and is perfect for any retailer looking for contemporary shoes on their shelves.

As the exclusive distributor for the Blackstone brand in the United States we take great pride in both the quality of our product and the relationships we’ve forged with our customers. We know that you need a partner who is flexible, easy to do business with, and who is willing to help you ensure your inventory meets the needs and wants of your customers.

Our shoes look great on paper, now imagine the real thing.

To be connected to a rep in your area please contact our corporate office at:

Blackstone Shoes USA
3439 Technology Dr
North Venice, FL 34275
CALL: 877-596-2474

Susan Ramlie